Welcome to Bonheurs & Co.


Here is the true story of Bonheurs & Co.

Once upon a time, there were two French girls -one from Paris and the other from Lyon- who loved sharing great ideas and good recommendations.

One day, they wished to share their wealth of information with others on the web so they too could benefit.

So, J. & M. decided to create a blog that most reflected them, a complex and trendy fusion of fashion, travel, good eats and social hot spots.

They did not want these great finds to remain exclusive to their fellow Frenchmen, so it seemed obvious to them to translate their articles in the languages of Shakespeare and Cervantes.

J. & M. were willing to share their original ideas and recommendations for good deals to all the Francophile travellers across the globe.

Although this story does not end with marriage, they indeed lived happily ever after and got a lot of “Bonheurs & Co.”

Wanna share a recommendation with us? Feel free to interact with us via the Contact section.

Enjoy your visit!

J. from Paris & M. from Lyon


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